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  1. Like my bass method? Now you can play my bass!

    Hey everyone,
    Thanks to the wizards at Keisel Guitars/Carvin Guitars now you can play my very own Signature Bass! I worked with Jeff and Mark Kiesel and the design team at Kiesel Guitars and Carvin Guitars to develop a one of a kind 6 string bass design, the Roy Vogt Signature Vanquish 6 string bass!
    The RV69K is an instrument that combines the best of old and new designs in a powerful new package. It's built in the USA and very affordable with a wide array of options so you can ...
  2. Hi

    by , 12-17-2014 at 02:54 PM (New ( and apparently years behind the ball) to the TMBG family:)
    Hey all, apparently I'm a little behind the ball (or years lol) on TMBG. However it's better late then never . I'm excited to start my new journey with the program.
    I am a late bass bloomer in life but so glad I found it. Love playing and being a part of a band.
    Hope all is well.
  3. Howdy Y'all from Osaka, Japan

    I'm new to Thunder Row.
    I bought Roy's DVD set over a year ago and am finally trying to make time to take advantage it.
    I'm looking forward to meeting some fellow bassists and hopefully learning something!

  4. Back for more!!!

    After an absence of something like 14 months, I aam returning to the fold and restarting the Program at Lesson 1 (if I can find it, that is). following a stroke lst May, I underwent brain surgery to clip an aneurism (in early September). That triggered a grand mal seizure and another stroke. I came out of that with "Left Neglect" and discovered that EVERYTHING I had learned with respect to playing bass, was (and is) gone. A hospital stay of 4 months was required and a divorce came out ...
  5. Gently does it now.....

    Whisper it quietly. I think I have sparked a tiny flame....

    I was away for a week on vacation in Santorini, a volcanic Greek island.

    No basses, no slap and no pop (at least not that sort).......

    I got back to it about a week ago. Everything had slowed down a little, so I reduced the bpm for my warm up and I'm straining slightly with FitP again....

    My slapping though has taken a distinct leap forward....It would seem that giving my mind and body ...

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