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  1. Hungary for my bass...

    This week finds me sitting alone in a bar in Százhalombatta, a town about an hour away from Budapest, on the Danube.

    Sounds romantic and mysterious, I know. Until you realise it is a dormitory town for the biggest petrochemical refinery in Hungary and a power plant. Not many towns have 3' diameter insulated pipes in open ditches running through them and vistas comprising enormous pylons, huge red and white striped chimney stacks and massive fuel tank farms.

    Obviously, I'm ...

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  2. It's all gone quiet over there.....

    Work and home pressures have conspired to slow my progress to a dawdle just recently. I've had very little to blog about on the bass front.

    I'm using the B Dec amp almost exclusively for my practice now, it definitely is one of those devices that becomes more useful as it reveals its secrets. For example, I have been having trouble with the fast run in Stanley's Secret, so I decided to use Roy's weight-lifting idea. With the B Dec, I can set a metronome to automatically advance a preset ...

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  3. Bass Line Isolation - Learn fast By Ear

    Using this app called anytune for a while, it isolates the bass line in songs.

    Really help me to figure out what the masters of bass played on their recordings.

    Maybe it can help you too...check it out
  4. Observations for memorizing the fretboard (phone number method revisited)

    I was traveling recently and had a lot of time on my hands but didn't
    have my bass, so I looked at things I could work on while sitting in a
    car for hours at a time.

    I ran across Elmeaux's 'telephone number' method of learning how to memorize
    the bass guitar fretboard for a four string bass while digging around Thunder Row.
    That was such a cool idea! That made the task of memorizing the fretboard a less
    daunting task.

    I followed Elmeaux's ...
  5. My musical journey thus far

    Music has always been a part of my life. Growing up, we always had the radio on listening to something or another. At times, music provided me an escape from the stresses of life.

    When I was really young, my sisters were playing piano and I would memorize the fingerings and play back some of the music (I didn't read music at that time but had an ear for music). When one of my sisters started with guitar, I followed her too (always trying to keep up with my sisters). So I tried ...
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