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  1. Gently does it now.....

    Whisper it quietly. I think I have sparked a tiny flame....

    I was away for a week on vacation in Santorini, a volcanic Greek island.

    No basses, no slap and no pop (at least not that sort).......

    I got back to it about a week ago. Everything had slowed down a little, so I reduced the bpm for my warm up and I'm straining slightly with FitP again....

    My slapping though has taken a distinct leap forward....It would seem that giving my mind and body ...

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  2. Back to Bassics

    Almost two months into lesson 9 and I am getting precisely nowhere with slap and pop.

    For me, finger style sounds so much nicer so I'm not greatly motivated to practise the technique and that is affecting my general progress.

    I've read about people who become addicted to slapping and I just don't get it. Even done well (and I've listened to more than enough YouTube videos in the last few weeks), it doesn't have much sonic appeal to me.

    I do though recognise ...

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  3. Lane on Bass needs our help!

    Hey everyone!
    I don't know if any of you have been keeping up with Lane Baldwin (our own Blues Bass Guru and Lane on Bass) but he's had a rough go of it lately. I'll let him tell it in his own words:
    "Hi, Roy, and thanks for the call. I really appreciate your ideas to help the financial situation. Below are some of the bullet points about what's going on. Feel free to share in any way you see fit.

    I came down with flu-like symptoms on January 1st. Didn't go to ...

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  4. Slap and tickle........

    Hmmm, lesson 9.................

    I've noticed a pattern.

    Every time time I get a little comfortable (or is that complacent?) with the TMBG lessons Roy lobs another hand grenade.

    Think you can follow a simple tune? Time to improvise!

    Sorted out finger style? OK, so now here are some tunes to play with a pick.........

    Got simple common time under your belt? What about some swing and some shuffle?

    Happy playing single strings? ...

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  5. Hungary for my bass...

    This week finds me sitting alone in a bar in Százhalombatta, a town about an hour away from Budapest, on the Danube.

    Sounds romantic and mysterious, I know. Until you realise it is a dormitory town for the biggest petrochemical refinery in Hungary and a power plant. Not many towns have 3' diameter insulated pipes in open ditches running through them and vistas comprising enormous pylons, huge red and white striped chimney stacks and massive fuel tank farms.

    Obviously, I'm ...

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