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  1. Lesson 1 - The First Practice

    I like to record myself as a way to document my progress. It's interesting to look back at a future date and to see what my playing was like when I started.

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  2. The Start of a Journey

    I bought TMBG in September 2013. I originally started the course right away but many roadblocks stopped me. The PBass I had wasn't suited for my size. I was learning guitar and really didn't know how to pursue both instruments at the same time. So, after a long pause, I found a smaller bass (ESP LTD B4 Jr) and got to business with the course again.

    Official Start Date: August 13, 2015

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  3. An American died today

    I never met him. I didn't know him. We lived on different continents.

    An American died today and it hurts.

    Donnie B and I joined the TMBG forum about the same time in 2011. Each of us keen. Each of us green.

    He was younger then than I am now. He knew that he had cancer. He wasn't going to let it stop him....

    For a while, in the early lessons, he was a month or two ahead of me. Then things would happen. Remission, treatment, chemotherapy... It ...

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  4. Roy Vogt's 5th Annual Thunder Row Bass Bash in Nashville at Summer NAMM

    Roy Vogt brings his Thunder Row Bass Invitational to Douglas Corner Café ( in Nashville, TN on July 9-10 in conjunction with the Summer NAMM Show. This year there are two nights of great bassists and their bands. The tickets are $10 at the door and benefit the W.O. Smith Music School ( ), the Andy Irvine Medical Fund ( ) and The Lane Baldwin Medical Fund( . Andy and Lane are both standout figures in the Bass ...
  5. Like my bass method? Now you can play my bass!

    Hey everyone,
    Thanks to the wizards at Keisel Guitars/Carvin Guitars now you can play my very own Signature Bass! I worked with Jeff and Mark Kiesel and the design team at Kiesel Guitars and Carvin Guitars to develop a one of a kind 6 string bass design, the Roy Vogt Signature Vanquish 6 string bass!
    The RV69K is an instrument that combines the best of old and new designs in a powerful new package. It's built in the USA and very affordable with a wide array of options so you can ...
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