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  1. Drone Tone / Drum machine background ? Searching

    Does anybody know of a device that will generate a Drone note background sound ( of any note/key I choose) to play with while generating a spacific drum beat ie: 80bpm or 100bpm, or any bpm speed I select. ?

    ie: a background of Cm with a 78bpm.

    Help Please
  2. Roy Vogt Teaching at Guitar Workshop Plus Camp in Nashville July 31-August 5!

    I wanted to get this out quickly, especially to those of you who have attended my Fantasy Bass Boot Camps. Although plans for my own All-Ages Bass Camp have been moved back to Summer 2017 I'm proud to announce that I will be the sole Bass Instructor at the Guitar Workshops Plus Nashville/Murfreesboro, TN campus on July 31-August 5. I will have plenty of copies of Teach Me Bass Guitar and my CDs and DVDs with me. While different than my own Fantasy Bass Boot Camp, it's a great opportunity to study ...
  3. Rebooting TMBG

    I have decided to jump back into the TMBG lessons with the goal of eventually getting through all the lessons (a lofty goal for me).

    I started a few years ago, made it through a few lessons and then life happened and it it was put on the shelf. I did use it as a reference when I needed specific information sooner rather than later.

    For example, I has started playing with a worship band at a church and needed to learn five or more songs in a week, so I jumped to the ...
  4. The 6th Annual Thunder Row Bass Bash at Summer NAMM is coming up!

    Hello all Thunder Row Denizens,
    It's around the corner! On Thursday and Friday, June 23rd and 24th Douglas Corner Cafe will be taken over by all things Bass for Roy Vogt's 6th Annual Thunder Row Bass Invitational. I'm still finalizing the Artist list, but so far it includes:
    Bill Clements, Jamey Millard, Jared Lees, Nick Golder, Roy Vogt's Urban Legends, Roy Vogt/Justin Kalk Project, Cody Wright, Michael Dimin, Jauquo III-X, Nashville's own Stacey Coake, Anthony "Smooth Groove" ...
  5. Hellooo?! Anyone home?

    I haven't been here in so long. I've lurked but haven't signed on. Around November/December 2015, I had to make a decision of which hobbies I needed to put on a backburner so I could move forward in other more important areas of my life.

    Bass practice was the first hobby to go. Drumming was next and I really cried about that one. I really need a hands-on teacher to make sense of bass and that's not a financial option for me at the moment. The teacher I did have for 2 months helped ...
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