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  • Tab B Gone

    Here's an exercise for those who want to go beyond TAB and learn to read music. What I've done is to write out all of the notes in the key of C (no sharps or flats) in positions for the entire range of a Fender-type 4 string. The Roman numerals below the notes refer to the position (I-1, II-2) which is defined by the fret that the index finger of the fretting hand is on.

    Slowly play all of the notes in each position out of time. If you need to, print it out and write the note names in above or below the notes. Remember they are all out of the musician's alphabet (A-B-C-D-E-F-G-A). Try to keep the thumb in the center of the neck, the fingers curved, and press down the note as needed. Think about each position like the QWERTY keyboard-you are finding all the possible notes in they key of C in each position.

    Be sure and take your time and find the notes out of time. It's not a speed game, but a game of accuracy.

    Peace and Low Notes,


    09-25-2013 12:50 P R
    Comments 7 Comments
    1. jthomas353's Avatar
      jthomas353 -
      Hi Roy,Thanks for putting this exercise together. I have begun practicing it and find it very useful for learning notation and finding the notes up and down the fretboard.After going through it I noticed what appears to a couple of errors.At the beginning the open E is marked at the 1st position and G at the 2nd position. Should this be open for E and G at 3rd position?Also, in the 5th part where you begin with E on the 12th position, you have a G on the 14th position which I believe is a F#/Gb. Shouldn't this be notated as the 15th position?Thanks,John
    1. Elmeaux's Avatar
      Elmeaux -
      This will be this weekend's lesson. I was going to do work on Lesson 5, but I think this could help me a great deal. Thanks, Roy.
    1. c-note's Avatar
      c-note -
      I too found the lesson helpful, but I could not figure out the 5th part either any hints anyone
    1. muleskinnerslider's Avatar
      muleskinnerslider -
      John, the first note is not an open E. It's actually shown as a 'middle' C as found for example on the piano... It's written in standard musical notation. Anyway, I hope this helps perhaps clarify...
    1. aksteve's Avatar
      aksteve -
      thanks for posting! looking forward to putting it to use!
    1. ricka47's Avatar
      ricka47 -
      Thanks for this! My problem isn't moving beyond tab. It's moving past the treble clef. I've only known that since I was 16 (I'm now 65) and am having a heck of a time making the transition - Rick
    1. Elmeaux's Avatar
      Elmeaux -
      Quote Originally Posted by ricka47 View Post
      Thanks for this! My problem isn't moving beyond tab. It's moving past the treble clef. I've only known that since I was 16 (I'm now 65) and am having a heck of a time making the transition - Rick
      Yep. It's a skill to be able to master both parts of the Grand Staff. Keep at it!
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