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  • Bass Player Bios

    by Published on 03-23-2011 04:36 AM
    Article Preview

    Stu Hamm is single-handedly (well, not really - he uses both hands) embarking on a voyage to new worlds of musical expression on the bass guitar. If you're not familiar with Stu, do yourself a favor - log on to his web site and order one (or two, or three) or ...
    by Published on 03-02-2011 02:49 AM

    Kai Eckhardt, a good friend of Roy Vogt's and one of today's more influential bassists, is a Liberian / German bassist known through his work with guitarist John McLaughlin in the late 80's, Billy ...
    by Published on 01-01-2011 12:30 PM  Number of Views: 746 
    Article Preview

    This article re-printed with permission.
    © 2010 Jon Liebman
    For Bass Players Only

    Bob Babbitt

    Bob Babbitt is a bass-playing legend. As one of Motown’s original “Funk Brothers” (recently enshrined on the Hollywood Walk of Fame), Bob has laid down bass tracks for Gladys Knight & the Pips, Edwin Starr, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, the O’Jays, Teddy Pendergrass and the Spinners. He also worked extensively ...
    by Published on 12-24-2010 03:41 AM
    Article Preview

    Max Bennett
    Max Bennett (born May 24, 1928) is an American jazz bassist and session musician.
    Bennett grew up in Kansas City and Oskaloosa, Iowa, and went to college in Iowa. His first professional gig was with Herbie ...
    by Published on 12-01-2010 04:34 AM
    Article Preview

    Bassists are often the unsung navigators on voyages of musical discovery. Among the foremost of these adventurers in recend decades is Roger Waters, one of the founders of Pink Floyd, whose bio we present herewith, thanks to Wikipedia.

    Roger Waters

    George Roger Waters (born 6 September 1943) is an English musician, singer-songwriter ...
    by Published on 11-29-2010 11:30 AM     Number of Views: 721 
    Article Preview

    This article re-printed with permission.
    © 2010 Jon Liebman
    For Bass Players Only

    Bill “The Buddha” Dickens

    Bill Dickens has played bass with a wide variety of artists, including Pat Metheny, George Michael, Joe Zawinul, Janet Jackson, Grover Washington, Jr., Chaka Khan, Mary J. Blige, Freddie Hubbard, Al DiMeola, Dennis Chambers, Steve Morse, Randy Newman ...
    by Published on 11-15-2010 12:13 PM
    Article Preview

    Those of you who have been playing bass for a while will be familiar with the subject of this month's Bass Player Bio - the amazing Stanley Clarke.

    Mentor to many of today's premiere bassists (including Roy Vogt, Steve Bailey, and Victor Wooten), Stanley revolutionized bass play and, at the same time, introduced our favorite instrument to a generation of players whose style and technique bear the unmistakeable imprint of his influence.

    Stanley Clarke-Victor Wooten
    by Published on 07-27-2010 02:57 PM
    Article Preview

    Paul McCartney

    Nobody seems to be telling this guy he's 68! Still packing stadiums around the world, Paul McCartney carries the burdens and blessings of a mighty weighty musical pedigree - one upon which he could rest in ease for the rest of his life, if he so chose. Apparently he chooses, not. While his concerts embody a hefty dose of his unique musical heritage, they also showcase his almost supernatural ability to turn out music ranging from burdock- in-the-brain ...
    by Published on 07-15-2010 09:28 PM

    John Symon Asher "Jack" Bruce (born 14 May 1943) is a Scottish musician, composer and singer. He is best-known as an electric bass guitarist, harmonica player and pianist, and was most famous as a vocalist and the bass guitarist for the 1960s rock band Cream. He lives in Suffolk. England. Hailed as one of the greatest and most skilled bassists of all time, his improvisational skill and utterly unique, free-spirited approach to composition and performance would forever change electric music. His pioneering, full-toned, free-wheeling playing on the electric bass revolutionised the way the instrument is used and influenced the playing of countless bassists to today, including Sting and Jaco Pastorius. ...
    by Published on 07-10-2010 09:10 PM
    Article Preview

    Steve Bailey, Stanley Clarke, and Victor Wooten

    Steve Bailey (born February 10, 1960) is an American bassist who is famous ...

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