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  • Reviews/Interviews

    by Published on 03-12-2017 10:45 AM  Number of Views: 2377 
    Article Preview

    Numero Uno

    Doug Johns has been playing bass for more than twenty five years. He has worked with Roy Vogt, Victor Wooten, Buddy Miles, Chuck Rainey, Dana Rasch, The LA Mass Choir, Grammy winning producer Aaron Lindsey, Steve Smith, and many others. The Cream of the Crop, to be sure.

    All those years of honing his craft on stage and in the studio must have been building like a volcano in this skilled bassman, because his self-titled first disc erupted in 2006 with a rafter-shaking explosion of monster tunes.

    by Published on 05-06-2016 06:10 AM  Number of Views: 813 

    We've reviewed two of bassist Vail Johnson's albums now: COME TOGETHER. and FLOW, so I thought it was about time that we actually learned a little about the man behind these wonderful works! Vail has graciously agreed to answer some of our questions.

    by Published on 02-16-2016 11:15 PM  Number of Views: 1085 
    Article Preview

    Album Review
    Paint - Based on Truth and Lies
    Genre - Rock

    This 4-track EP collection features ...
    by Published on 12-28-2015 04:15 AM  Number of Views: 839 

    It was very close this year, to say the least. We examined a well-rounded choice of albums that both fed the senses and ...
    by Published on 12-05-2015 11:00 AM  Number of Views: 791 

    First, a little background as to what this is all about. When I review an album, I do several things besides listen to ...
    by Published on 09-28-2015 07:25 PM  Number of Views: 963 
    Article Preview

    Album Review
    Steve Swallow With Robert Creeley - So There
    Genre - Jazz/Spoken Word

    Jazz and poetry just seem to go together. You get a trio - say, bass, piano, and drums - on stage to lay down tunes, and there’s always somebody in the crowd who’s imagining what words would go well with the music. I’m not thinking lyrics, but simply verse you might want to read to the backdrop of sound. And if that person was to get on stage with the band and start reading those words, the entire show would take on a whole new vibe. The audience would be treated to a third creation, improvisational and new.

    by Published on 08-22-2015 12:40 PM  Number of Views: 1521 
    Article Preview

    Album Review
    Vail Johnson - The Seventh Son
    Genre - Vail Johnson

    First off, here’s the description of the album as described on Vail Johnson’s website, as well as CD Baby, and wherever else the album is available:

    “New from Vail Johnson (bassist to the stars; Herbie Hancock to Kenny G to Keb' Mo'; Stevie Nicks to Whitney Houston) comes a new style, fusing Americana, Blues, Soul and Country with Jazz; he calls it 'JazzAmericana'.
    by Published on 07-02-2015 07:30 AM  Number of Views: 898 
    Article Preview

    Album Review - Brian Wroten TASMAN
    Genre: Progressive Jazz

    I’d like to introduce you to the debut album of a very skilled musician named Brian Wroten. The album is called TASMAN, but before we take a look at it, let’s get a little info on Brian himself:
    by Published on 06-14-2015 11:20 PM  Number of Views: 1436 
    Article Preview

    Album Review - Stu Hamm Band - The Book Of Lies
    Genre - Bass

    The Stu Hamm Band hits the perfect ...
    by Published on 04-07-2015 06:45 AM  Number of Views: 1189 
    Article Preview

    Album Review
    Jason Raso's Man of 40 Faces
    Genre - Bass Guitar

    Jason Raso’s newest ...

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