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  • Stu Hamm - The Book Of Lies

    Album Review - Stu Hamm Band - The Book Of Lies
    Genre - Bass

    The Stu Hamm Band hits the perfect chord with their new album, The Book Of Lies. Not only is the music a fine collection of innovative styles, the tracks themselves are organised as a collection of rich bass solos packaged between outer layers of four full band treats.

    The opening bookend and title track, The Book Of Lies, is a jazzy, sharp-edged, guitar and sax driven funk groove that - as it begins - makes you think this will be a very modern, upbeat band album, with Stu Hamm laying down the bottom end as only he can, surrounded by his unbelievably talented playmates.

    Well, this expectation is quickly shut down as the second number, Back to Shabalalla fires up the ear-waves. What started out as a funky groove with the title track now gives way to a highly infectious dance tune packed full of rhythms and emotion. Big sax, big bass, drums, keys, guitar, sax - this one has it all. I can see all kinda booties shaking along to this one.

    What happens after these two openers is an amazing mood swing into an absolutely delicious suite of solo bass exercises. What a mood altering sidestep! One minute youíre up dancing and then itís time to sit down and really lose yourself in the world of Hammís bass. An absolute maestro of the instrument is he. What weíve tasted so far with the bandís performance is a savoury appetizer, indeed, but itís time to enjoy the main course. Hamm is about to teach us what bass is all about.

    The solo pieces are Etude #1, which reminds me a little of Bachís Toccata & Fugue in D Minor because of its rich, intricate beauty. A quick one, this song is under two minutes, but easily rouses a lot of feeling in a short time.

    Open Note Aria is next; itís a delightful little romp through the fretboard.

    Chordally Yours is a sensitive, heartfelt melody. Like watching a sunset. It confirms the bass as more than just a thunder-makiní machine (especially in the hands of a master like Stu Hamm).

    Harmoni-Cali soothes you into tranquility like a babe in a cradle. The harmonics are haunting and wistful to the ears. The harmonic voice of the bass is a different creature to any other of its many expressions. So beautiful.

    Te ExtraŮo (I Miss You) is a little mysterious in its emotion. The tune starts with an almost sneaky melody. How to describe it... staccato, clipped notes, suggestive mood, giving a little then pulling back, as if to tease. About halfway in, it takes on a more urgent tone, almost like a Flamenco. But Hamm brings it back again, and ends the song with that same mysterious mood. A song with a lot of questions.

    Slap Happy - this one is rich with Bo Diddley vibe. I hear the Hand Jive in there! ďI know a cat called way-out Willie!Ē I tell you, at this point in my adventure through the world of Hamm, I am mightily impressed!

    Just a Blues is a very basic number. The bass is laid back and easy going. This isnít the Blues of expressed pain - itís the Blues of mellow introspection. I love that Hamm can take a single bass and give it all the emotion of a full trio of players. Thatís called skill.

    This entire suite of solo bass is truly a soul-satisfying turn of events on The Book Of Lies. Except in concept albums, where the theme usually comes full circle in the telling of a story, this is the first time Iíve heard a collection of solo stories couched between bookends of an entirely different motif.

    As the solos conclude, the remaining two band numbers come in to close the show. The tune Practicality is the kicker for me. Among the band tunes, this is by far my fave. So smoky and spiritual. With its shivering riffs of organ music, (which y'all know I love) you might feel like youíre in church, or maybe an outdoor revival on a warm night. Welcome the vocals of Anna Kristina.

    Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds brings up the rear. Itís the song we all know and love. Hamm and Company do it up with a less celebratory feel that what weíve heard before. The Beatles played it as a trip. Elton John played it as a party. The Stu Hamm band plays it as a jam session, the focus more on the music than the message.

    The Book Of Lies is an extraordinary collection of musicians and music. Stu Hamm is a monster talent; as a solo artist, he and his bass are one. As a member of the band, he fits like a glove.

    Stuart Hamm - Bass
    John Mader - Drums
    Chester Thompson - Drums
    Jason Harrison Smith - Drums
    Carl Verheyen - Guitar
    Lorn Leber - Guitar
    Mitchel Forman - Keyboards
    Phil Naish - Keyboards
    Karl Theobald - Sax
    Anna Kristina - Vocals

    Available from these outlets:





    © 2015 CL Seamus for Thunder Row
    Comments 4 Comments
    1. thunderman's Avatar
      thunderman -
      Excellent review, Elmeaux! As always, intuitive, sensitive, and right-on-the-money. Thank you!
    1. Ralph's Avatar
      Ralph -
      You write pretty good American for a Canadian.
    1. Elmeaux's Avatar
      Elmeaux -
      The solo bass middle numbers of this album are to die for. The bookend full-band opening and closing tracks are such wonderful accents. All in all, one of the most creative approaches to album structure I've ever seen. Add this one to your collection.
    1. Elmeaux's Avatar
      Elmeaux -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ralph View Post
      You write pretty good American for a Canadian.
      I think saying "y'all" is the key.
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