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  • A Canadian Fretless

    I've always liked the clean look of this hand crafted A4 bass, by Canada's Godin guitars. They come in four or five string versions, and as fretted or fretless.

    Let's have a look at the four string fretless.

    From the Godin website:

    The A4 and A5 basses produce superb acoustic bass sounds from instruments that are only slightly larger than a standard solid body bass and much lighter.

    Equipped with synth access, these basses feature the endless sonic possibilities brought to you by Custom Godin electronics.

    They come equipped with individual saddle transducers at the bridge and a 13-pin output jack, allowing the player to connect to a multitude of 13-pin devices and computers via Midi. Incredible acoustic bass sounds are available through the ¼” output jack and controlling your tone is made easy with the Custom Godin Preamp section voiced specifically for the A4 & A5 SA.

    The two chambered body design found in all of the A-Series instruments is also
    at work in the A4 and A5. This design resists feedback as well as the negative
    effects that loud stage levels can have on top vibration.

    - click on the images for a better view -


    Rock Maple neck
    Rosewood Fingerboard on Fretted Version, Ebony on Fretless version
    12" fingerboard radius
    34 " Scale
    1 13/16" nut width (5-String)
    1 1/2" nut width (4-String)
    Two-Chamber Silver Leaf Maple body
    Solid Spruce Top
    Custom Godin Saddle Transducers and custom L.R. Baggs preamp
    Volume, Mid, Treble and Bass controls
    Natural Semi-Gloss

    Also - and this is a very nice touch as far as I'm concerned - you can get it with or without a full-length thumb rest. There's no place along the strings where you won't find a spot for your thumb!

    The reputation of this bass is that she sounds as close to an upright as you can get.

    What do you think?

    Visit GODIN GUITARS for more info on their basses!
    Comments 5 Comments
    1. Bass4Gsus's Avatar
      Bass4Gsus -
      Love the tone.
    1. thunderman's Avatar
      thunderman -
      Truly a work of art both visually and auditorially! (Is that a word?)
    1. Bassic Bill's Avatar
      Bassic Bill -
      When I went looking for flatwound strings to try out a few weeks ago, the only bass the lms had with them was one of these. As it happened I wanted to try a fretless as well so I got it all done in one shot. I loved the flatwounds and am convinced that my next guitar will be a fretless based on this experience.

      I found the guitar quite unattractive and unappealing. I didn't have it plugged in or 'turned on' because I was wanting to get the feel of it rather than listen (I don't play anything worth listening too quite yet )
    1. PaulUK's Avatar
      PaulUK -
      Love the "almost not there" fretlines".

      Makes for an "almost not scary" fretless....

      And it sounds great....

      Not so sure about the thumb rest though.
    1. DONNIE B's Avatar
      DONNIE B -
      i love the way a fretless bass sounds so close to a stand up bass. this one so mellow and clean sounding just gota love it
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