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    by Published on 09-22-2015 09:00 PM  Number of Views: 345 

    This video was something we featured about four and a half years ago. I was just talking about it in Twitter today, and decided to bring ...
    by Published on 09-22-2015 04:00 AM  Number of Views: 34 
    Article Preview

    Bestbassgear.com is featuring another interesting article on the various aspects of building a bass guitar. This time, it's all about the neck radius. Here's an excerpt:

    How To Build A Bass Guitar - ...
    by Published on 09-22-2015 03:45 AM  Number of Views: 19 

    Jon Liebman from Forbassplayersonly.com interviews Vail Johnson. I love what he says about cabs that can sound mushy ...
    by Published on 09-16-2015 05:15 PM  Number of Views: 25 

    Do you follow us (Teach Me Bass Guitar) on Twitter?

    Click HERE to get in on the tweetin' fun!

    by Published on 09-14-2015 05:15 PM  Number of Views: 32 

    Join the Facebook group M3 Rockers and you can join in to this Billy Sheehan Event Tuesday night at 8PM Eastern. Ask bass questions and listen to Billy's answers!

    by Published on 09-13-2015 11:30 PM  Number of Views: 30 

    For more of Jason Raso's videos, check out his WEB PAGE. ...
    by Published on 09-13-2015 05:45 PM  Number of Views: 89 
    Article Preview

    From the ESO website:

    Product Description:
    - Patent Pending - Contoured "S" shape avoids pressure points and never cuts into your neck.
    - Patent Pending - In-seam pick pockets enable you to seamlessly replace or store your collection.

    by Published on 09-13-2015 05:15 PM  Number of Views: 58 

    Check out this player's version of the bassline from Hall & Oates' "You Make My Dreams Come True."

    by Published on 09-08-2015 09:15 AM  Number of Views: 103 

    Big congratulations to TMBG student and TR Member, Keiko Gutierrez for some BIG news! Read this (borrowed from her Facebook Page):

    Tomorrow begins the next major phase of this musical journey I'm on; and it's going to be a challenging one.

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