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    by Published on 04-12-2016 12:30 PM  Number of Views: 29 
    Article Preview

    From KoreaGuitar.com


    APRIL 3, 2016

    If you’re a bassist and you don’t know the name Stu Hamm, ...
    by Published on 04-12-2016 10:30 AM  Number of Views: 34 
    Article Preview

    Lane Baldwin Returns to DNA

    David Nordschow Amplification is very pleased to announce the return of Lane Baldwin to our endorsement ...
    by Published on 04-12-2016 03:00 AM  Number of Views: 486 

    Hey, you! Gonna paint the deck on your Summer holidays? Plant new shrubs in the yard? Maybe clean out the attic? The house and yard will look great, but don't you think Summer should also offer you time to do something just for yourself? Something ...
    by Published on 04-08-2016 03:45 AM  Number of Views: 61 
    Article Preview

    Check out the Premierguitar.com review of the Eastwood Surfcaster Bass! Here's an excerpt:

    "For 15 years, Eastwood Guitars has been reissuing ...
    by Published on 04-08-2016 03:30 AM  Number of Views: 528 
    Article Preview

    Once again the artistic gnomes in The Learning Dock's Art Department dazzle with custom graphics just for Thunder Row/ This time, Bass Guitar Chords - all the notes you ...
    by Published on 04-08-2016 03:25 AM  Number of Views: 276 
    Article Preview

    Here are D-F as promised. G will be along shortly! Want to know the configurations of these chords further up the neck? Go to Chorderator at the address below,select More ...
    by Published on 04-08-2016 03:20 AM  Number of Views: 526 
    Article Preview

    The perfect companion to minor chords - or a saucy companion to a provocative Pinot Noir on a stormy winter's eve - (I wax poetic), these Minor Pentatonic scales will have you brooding ...
    by Published on 04-08-2016 03:20 AM  Number of Views: 316 
    Article Preview

    Those talented little graphic gnomes in the TLD art department, (I think that's the little closet just beside the men's room), have come up with the final Picture of Dorian Scale. ...
    by Published on 04-08-2016 03:15 AM  Number of Views: 343 
    Article Preview

    Most bassists find playing Blues patterns the most satisfying of bodily functions. Once you get these scales under your fingers, you'll find yourself having to consciously fight ...

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