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    by Published on 08-19-2013 07:30 PM  Number of Views: 733 
    Article Preview

    EBS MicroBass II - 2-Channel Preamp/DI-Box

    This is the ultimate bass tool. Period! The MicroBassII can be used as an active direct box, a one or two channel preamp, instrument switcher or blender.

    Two Channels and A Useful Loop

    The two channels provide sound shaping from high end solid-state types to distorted timbres, using the awarded tube emulation circuitry found in the EBS range of professional bass heads. An incorporated effects ...
    by Published on 08-19-2013 06:30 PM  Number of Views: 150 
    Article Preview

    For those interested in Home Recording, you can get a subscription to Electronic Musician as a hard copy, or from the App Store, Google Play, or for Kindle.

    If your App Store is not listed here, go to the link where you normally download and search for Electronic Musician.

    by Published on 08-19-2013 12:50 AM  Number of Views: 497 

    Anybody who owns TMBG is entitled to Lesson Book updates. If you have purchased TMBG, and have not yet received your updates, email me and we'll send the requests to David. The updates are stored online and he will send the link to those who email me.

    I thought it would be easier to do this as a batch request, rather than one by one.

    Email Elmeaux@thelearningdock.com and we'll start takin' names!

    by Published on 08-15-2013 07:15 PM  Number of Views: 316 
    Article Preview

    The draw has been made, and we are happy to award a copy of The Aristocrats' latest album, "Culture Clash" to the following two people:

    by Published on 08-15-2013 12:00 PM  Number of Views: 290 
    Article Preview

    Hey, Lane. On behalf of all of us, have a wonderful birthday.

    Folks, if you do the Facebook thing, drop by and post your wishes! ...
    by Published on 08-14-2013 01:00 PM  Number of Views: 194 

    I wasn't able to go to the show, but here's a great roundup of the events that occurred here the other night when Paul McCartney moved through town. Imagine a 70+ man playing for three hours! Maybe I'm amazed!

    Too bad they moved the stadium to the far side of town. I'll not be hearing any more shows by sitting on a balcony.

    by Published on 08-14-2013 02:00 AM  Number of Views: 289 
    Article Preview

    The draw takes place on Thursday!!! Make sure you have your name in the hat!! Read on!

    Thanks to Bryan Beller and the folks from The Aristocrats, who have graciously donated a couple of CDs of the new album Culture Clash to us here at Thunder ...
    by Published on 08-13-2013 03:00 AM  Number of Views: 186 

    Parts 1, 2, and 3 of this great video lesson!

    by Published on 08-13-2013 03:00 AM  Number of Views: 132 
    Article Preview

    Bassist Stuart Hamm will be on tour with the Carl Verheyen band. Click HERE for dates. Maybe they'll be in YOUR area! ...
    by Published on 08-11-2013 10:45 AM  Number of Views: 159 

    Just got back from a morning bike ride listening to Roy's tunes the whole way. He truly is an Urban Legend! Had such a fantastic time at Bass Camp. Want to thank all the instructors & my fellow campers. Looking forward to next year. Ted

    "The eyes in the room may be lookin' at the star
    But the butts are all shakin' to the bass guitar!"


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