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    by Published on 04-22-2012 06:30 PM  Number of Views: 465 
    Article Preview

    Check out this wacky looking little travel bass from SoloEtte instruments. Hmmm...based on its name, I think it would be a good choice for Thunder Row member Ditto!

    by Published on 04-21-2012 12:30 PM  Number of Views: 281 
    Article Preview

    Gerald Vincent Casale (born Gerald Vincent Pizzute, July 28, 1948), often known as Jerry Casale, is a vocalist, bass guitar/synthesizer player, and a founding member (with Mark Mothersbaugh and Bob Lewis) of the new wave band Devo.

    by Published on 04-20-2012 08:30 PM  Number of Views: 3105 

    ...but I was rolling past Ed's office yesterday and he and Roy and Ashley - who had been confabbing vociferously - suddenly felt silent. (This often happens when they realize they are in The Presence, and I take it as a mark of respect). However, from the echoes of excitement that were still banging about the walls, I distilled - with my Large and Perspicacious Brain - that an Announcement of Mammoth Proportions - having to do with Roy's Fantasy Bass Camp in Nashville this summer - is a-borning and likely to be made possibly as early as this weekend. Don't forget, you didn't hear this from me...
    Sir Ralph
    by Published on 04-20-2012 03:30 PM  Number of Views: 265 
    Article Preview

    Announcing the Women's Music Summit!

    Featuring Bibi McGill, Kaki King, Malina Moye, Marnie Stern, Melissa Auf der Maur, and Meshell Ndegeocello. More counselors will be announced this spring!

    by Published on 04-19-2012 01:45 PM  Number of Views: 514 
    Article Preview

    If you’re looking for the best possible acoustic style bass tone in a compact package that does not feed back, this may be the instrument you’ve been waiting for. The Deep 4 and Deep 5 basses build on the tone of the mb-2 bass and take it to the next level. It features a thicker, more hollow body with f-hole, that creates warmth and complex overtones, a solid center block and a super ...
    by Published on 04-19-2012 01:30 PM  Number of Views: 343 
    Article Preview

    A pickup device is a transducer that captures mechanical vibrations, usually from suitably equipped stringed instruments such as the electric guitar, electric bass, Chapman Stick, or electric violin, and converts them to an electrical signal that is amplified, recorded, or broadcast.

    by Published on 04-19-2012 12:30 AM  Number of Views: 572 
    Article Preview

    Thunder Row member JThomas353 has done some work on his G&L L2500. Great info about the neck dive problem!!!

    Thanks, John!

    by Published on 04-17-2012 10:30 PM  Number of Views: 723 
    Article Preview

    TR's good friend Stanton Lawrence (www.bassramblings.com) is, as is his custom, blazing new trails for the rest of us. This time performing neck surgery on his Fender Jazz! Read on!

    by Published on 04-16-2012 09:00 PM  Number of Views: 548 
    Article Preview

    Great basses from Eastwood. The Magnum - long scale, and the brand new Sidejack VI, a short-scale bass for those who like the extra strings!

    Model Name: MAGNUM Bass

    The Eastwood MAGNUM Bass is a tribute to the late 1970's Ovation® Bass with the same name. Similar only in body shape, the Eastwood MAGNUM strips back the original design to deliver a new lightweight, balanced ...
    by Published on 04-16-2012 03:30 AM  Number of Views: 766 
    Article Preview

    One hundred years ago, double bass player, John Frederick Preston Clarke, died in the sinking of the Titanic. Most of us know the story of the band's determination to continue playing during the sinking of the ship to calm the passengers.


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