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    by Published on 12-20-2012 11:45 AM  Number of Views: 241 
    Article Preview

    For our new members and students, don't forget to check out
    Brian Bromberg's BASS ON THE BROADBAND, an online radio station dedicated solely to BASS music and artists.

    by Published on 12-13-2012 10:50 AM  Number of Views: 237 

    From The Nashville Cream


    Nashville Cream: I grew up in Boston, I was raised on Aerosmith, and my first big question is: What was your first favorite local band when you were coming up?

    Tom Hamilton: People usually think of our past and our early days as playing in clubs, but the fact is that in Boston there were no clubs where you could play originals. You had to play Top 40 covers. We didn't get a lot of club gigs, so we played a lot of college mixers and frat parties and high school dances and stuff. It was an amazing time. ...
    by Published on 12-13-2012 10:45 AM  Number of Views: 227 

    From RollingStone.com

    Geddy Lee on Rush's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction: 'We'll Show Up Smiling'

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been a source of tremendous frustration for years in the Rush fan community. The group didn't appear on a ballot until this year, even though they've been eligible since 1998. It's caused some fans (most notably VH1 Classic's Eddie Trunk) to sour on the whole institution, but Rush themselves always claimed that this didn't bother them, and the patience paid off. Singer-bassist Geddy Lee chatted with Rolling Stone a few days after he heard that Rush had finally been inducted.

    by Published on 12-12-2012 08:45 PM  Number of Views: 239 

    I just thought of something. If the world ends on 21 December, how can we give away the BRUTE? Oh, my. Let's all hope for the best, hey?

    Assuming ...
    by Published on 12-11-2012 10:15 AM  Number of Views: 1939 
    Article Preview

    In one of the other threads, the mention of this powerful touring bass head came up in conversation. Let's have a look at this monster.

    The powerhouse Eden WT800 World Tour Bass Amp Head features a tube hybrid stereo amplifier design with a conservative rating of 440W per side into 4 ...
    by Published on 12-07-2012 05:30 PM  Number of Views: 280 

    I found an interesting article concerning tips for buying a used bass. I couldn't find much recent info on the author, Bruce Robinson, but here's an excerpt from his article:

    Looking for a good used bass? You should know some important facts:

    1) The neck is the single critical component. All others are easy and cheap (in comparison) to repair, including refinishing.
    2) Any bass neck can be ruined within a year (even weeks) if the bass has not been maintained--no matter how expensive the instrument.
    by Published on 12-04-2012 10:20 AM  Number of Views: 288 

    Attention, all TMBG students!

    We invite anyone who has made a video of themselves playing a TMBG lesson song to send us a copy. You could end up as a testimonial on the Teach Me ...
    by Published on 11-29-2012 03:55 AM  Number of Views: 227 
    Article Preview

    Hey, Parents! Christmas is almost here. Has your young one been hounding you for a bass guitar? What's that you say? Why should you spend a lot of money on something when you don't even know if the kid's gonna stay interested?

    A good way to test the ...
    by Published on 11-26-2012 02:00 AM  Number of Views: 235 

    It’s been a rough 12 months for Chuck Rainey, who’s played bass with everyone from Louis Armstrong to Steely Dan, and wife Susan, Bedford residents for the last three decades. Actually, “rough” is far too tepid, too soft a word for the back-to-back blows dealt the couple so close to Thanksgiving this year and last.

    Read the rest of the article HERE.
    by Published on 11-25-2012 12:30 PM  Number of Views: 251 

    GENEVA — Grammy-winning jazz bassist Marcus Miller and several members of his band were injured when their bus overturned Sunday on a busy highway in Switzerland, killing the driver, police said.

    The German-registered private bus tipped over as it drove into a bend on the A2 highway in central Switzerland and came to a rest on its side, police in the canton (state) of Uri said. The bus was carrying 13 people – two drivers and 11 members of the Marcus Miller Band, including Miller.

    Read the rest of the article HERE. ...

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