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  1. Donnie, I am sorry to hear about your health. You will be in my prayers. Good luck and may God heal you quickly!!!
  2. thank you . like i said when i first got my tmbg my i was so happy.that was all i could think to say. i still feel the same way.i told my wife that this one of the things on my bucket list.and it really helps me.when things cancer is growing they upped my chemo.witch is areal pain but .but the row and the people .and learning to play bass.really helps. i did not to go on just venting a little sorry lets play bass ps thank you my friend
  3. Donnie, I posted a welcome message on your members page at the Let's Play Bass website. Thanks for joining. As far as the name Let's Play Bass of my website and your signature Lets Play Bass on Thunder Row I don't see a problem Please continue to use it. I had been planning a website about the Bass Guitar for a long time but just got around to completing it and the name Let's Play Bass was selected a long time ago as I researched it and found no other website with that name. As I said, Please continue to use Lets Play Bass as your signature on Thunder Row as I see no problem. Again, thanks for your support!!!
  4. silverflame46 i joined your web site . was looking around pretty cool .i will be going back to talk on the forum.i like the site over all .i know you can see the lets play bass at the end of my threads . that is what i said when i first got my tmbg. when i joined the forum Elmeaux put it there for me to show up after my threads. if it causes you any problems i guess i could change it . but i would realty like to keep it . i still feel like that. i did not know at the time of your site or if you had it at that time.just wanted to talk to you about it. well i will be talking to you on the forum. best of luck eith the site i will be seeing you there. your friend donnie b
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