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  1. HELLO TOBAISMAN. Hope you don;t mind me bending your ere for a few moments. i am . looking to move up the latter on the bass end of my gear. I have been reading and looking in the mags,and am leaning toward the kingston a nice looking bass ,. i have not heard any thing bad about them. and the price is not a real killer. i have also looked at the fender standard jazz. and the other one i was looking at real close at is the g&l tribute jb2. it is a real good sounding bass. same place as the fender any in put would be help ful i know i have to make the finale pick . just looking fo a little in put
  2. TOBIASMAN Just wanted to write you and ask you for thoughts on the TOBAIS bass that Gibson /EPIPHONE Have realest2tobais bass guitars they are entree level bass tobais iv toby and Tobias iv delux. not bad looking bass guitars asking you on any feed back ? i read two reviews nothing really bad was said .just that were entry bass;;the one is 199.99 the other is 249.00not bad looking
  3. TOBIASMAN How are you doing i have not seen you on the forum lately . just checking to see if you are ok. din,t mean to be noise. just haven't talked to you for a wile. your friend donnie b
  4. well how about that one more win canuks to the finales .way to of luck to you.and thecanuks. now i hope my bolts .play like i know they can play.we will know soon,allthe best to you. and go bolts.
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