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  1. HELLO MY FRIEND i wrote a post to donald duc k dunn when i tryed to post some brown lettes said thank you for my post but it never posted. can;t find it did i do a bo bo please help donnie.
  2. Looks good!! I'd prefer it in black.
  3. Elmeaux did you check out the warick thumb bass in bass player mag. if not check it out nice looking bass. talk to you latter
  4. looks like it is working ok now thanks .i checked out your website. i like the site.i will check in oftin to see what is going on well have a nice weekend.
  5. hello Elmeaux i don,t know if this the right place for this but my profile pics .are not showing up on my threds or other peoples friends - thank you for your help
  6. Hockey fan, eh? Secretly Canadian?
  7. great same go canucks . first ever nhl game i saw was canuks and sabers 1981 been big fan ever sence. now all i have to say is go bolts eh gota love it
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