Lesson 2: Creative Scale & Chord Tone Practice

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Skip to 4:23 for the improv.

Time Flies By!

Can you believe it's only been 3 weeks since I started? It so feels much longer! And the reason it feels so much longer is because I've learned a lot of so far. Remember when I was confused about the I IV V? I totally missed that page while reading the pdf book, LOL. I even printed out that page. Somehow I still missed the concepts it was teaching at the time I started this lesson. I really need to get the printed book.

I've been trying to find ways to play the scales other than up & down. That lead me to firing up ChordPulse Lite, entering a chord progression and playing chord tones over the progression. All good fun! I captured some of the improv I did in my weekly video above. If you haven't watched the whole video (I don't blame you, I really meant to keep it 3 mins or less but ran over to 6 mins), I spoke about how I skipped ahead and watched pieces of other lessons in the series. I came across an idea of playing different rhythms over the chord changes. That inspired me to practice more as playing "Keep It Simple Blues" is so rhythmically boring. Honestly I don't like the blues. It drives me crazy. The same goes for jazz. There are some songs I like in those genres. I mean to say as a whole I don't actively seek out that music. So, I needed something else to play. And changing the rhythms helped.

What's Next?

1. Adding one more scale per week to learn. I'll be moving from 2 to 3 scales per week. This will have me acquainted with all scales in a month's time.

2. Seeking out simple songs to play. Hal Leonard is bound to have some easy bass songs for kids. I don't mind at all. I'd like to play something outside of the course.

3. Learning fretboard notes in a non-chromatic fashion. Interesting method I'll try on learning the notes: http://www.thunderrow.com/showthread...6179#post26179

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Updated 09-04-2015 at 12:46 AM by jusca

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  1. Elmeaux's Avatar
    Keep 'em coming! Looks like you're truly embracing the bass as your second voice! Well done.

  2. brian_primrose's Avatar
    A big thumbs up
  3. kimgee's Avatar
    Nice work jusca! I like simple melodies as well. Here is a link to a bunch that are free to download:

  4. jusca's Avatar
    thanks for the kind words and encouragement yall! I appreciate it.