It's been 1 MONTH! :D

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1 month has gone by. And I'm saying adios to Lesson 2. I'm familiar with most of the flat major scales and will still work on the other flat and sharp scales over the coming weeks and months. I'm getting far too bored in this lesson & don't want to quit from boredom alone. I really need some musical things to reinforce what I'm learning because the scales I'm not using in a musical context don't settle in my long term memory. I'll figure something out to make this stuff more memorable even if it means inventing exercises and finding backing tracks in all keys & working on 1 scale per week or two. I remember F, C & G scales so easily as I'm using those on the jam along songs and other things. The other scales?? Well, I lose what I don't use. Ok, ok enough complaining. I'm moving on LOL...

Recording myself: fun, fun, fun!

I recorded myself playing "Keep It Simple Blues." I had so much fun hooking up my interface and just recording to hear what I sound like to others. Man, what an eye opener. I heard some good stuff and I heard some stuff to improve on. Here's the recording: https://soundcloud.com/jusca/keep-it-simple-blues-me

My quick analysis of my recording:

Good - Timing seems fine. No drastic speeding up or slowing down. Chord changes sounded fine and in time.

Room for improvement - Recording tone sounds rough to me

Feel free to comment on the playing if you'd like. I don't mind critiques and praise at all. All of it helps me grow.

I can't wait to record the other songs in the course too!

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Updated 09-11-2015 at 12:35 AM by jusca

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  1. Elmeaux's Avatar
    It's common to start a new lesson, then go back and review at a later time. Say to yourself, every three lessons or so, that you will go back and test yourself on the material you've learned.

    Congrats on your progress!
  2. kimgee's Avatar
    Nice playing Jusca!! I can offer a few recommendations that have helped me along the way. Once you have a song down, start playing it at faster tempos. Try to play as much as possible while reading from sheet music and using a metronome. Avoid the use of "tab" sheet music. While sheet music with both standard notation and tab scores can be helpful, I try to avoid tab notation as much as possible to prevent it from becoming a crutch. And finally, study as much music theory as you can stand. Theory can definitely make your head spin, but it really helps in the long run. Always remember, the most important thing is..........keep having fun!!!