Hellooo?! Anyone home?

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I haven't been here in so long. I've lurked but haven't signed on. Around November/December 2015, I had to make a decision of which hobbies I needed to put on a backburner so I could move forward in other more important areas of my life.

Bass practice was the first hobby to go. Drumming was next and I really cried about that one. I really need a hands-on teacher to make sense of bass and that's not a financial option for me at the moment. The teacher I did have for 2 months helped me make sense of the fretboard & memorizing the notes using the concepts of how the bass is tuned. One day creating basslines & stuff will make sense to me. I'm fine with where I'm at with bass right now.

All is not lost in my musical education. I still am loyal to my guitar and I've been practicing a month straight with great consistency and progress. I've thrown in more ear training which is cool. Theta Music Trainer has some free fun games online.

I'll still be around here as I like reading up bass stuff and yall are cool too.

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  1. Elmeaux's Avatar
    Nice to have you back!
  2. david's Avatar
    Welcome back - and Happy New Year!
  3. kimgee's Avatar
    Hi Jusca. If you are making progress on your guitar, then think about the bass neck as simply the same as the 4 lowest pitched strings on your 6 string treble guitar. They are, in fact, exactly the same. E A D G tuned a perfect fourth apart. The bass neck, if anything, is easier to master because you don't have that crazy change from perfect fourths to a major third when you go from the G string to the B string. Even 5 and 6 string basses are tuned in perfect fourths across all the strings, with no confusing interval changes. That is why fingering patterns work the same way everywhere on the bass guitar's neck......unlike those crazy egg slicers. ; )