Rebooting TMBG

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I have decided to jump back into the TMBG lessons with the goal of eventually getting through all the lessons (a lofty goal for me).

I started a few years ago, made it through a few lessons and then life happened and it it was put on the shelf. I did use it as a reference when I needed specific information sooner rather than later.

For example, I has started playing with a worship band at a church and needed to learn five or more songs in a week, so I jumped to the lesson about the Nashville Number System (and also picked up the book Roy recommended, 'The Nashville Number System' by Chas Williams - which is a great book, by the way). That has been very helpful, especially when the worship leader decides to change song keys at the last minute.

I have started reviewing the lessons I completed previously and found that I picked up on things that I missed the first time through.

This time through though, I plan to ignore all the tab notation and focus on reading the standard notation. That will help with my sight reading goal.

During my time way from the TMBG material, I have been reading more theory from a piano course I bought and working a little through Jayme Lewis' Ignite Music Training which is a music theory and ear training course (not instrument specific, but he uses the piano to teach it, but you don't need any instrument to do it). That has been helpful to figure out the bass parts by ear when I don't have sheet music for a song.

I figure that at this point, I have so many music instruction resources that if I completed them all, I would be a pro (ha, ha). So I am going to focus my attention on one (and only one) resource so I can make progress (instead of juggling multiple resources at the same time and making little progress).

It is hard since there is so much I want to learn and I want to learn it all NOW! I want to get better at sight reading, better at ear training, better at listening to other musicians in the band, better at locking in with the drummer, better at jumping around the fretboard with confidence, better at learning songs quickly, etc.. So, instead of diluting my practice with a ton of other pieces, I am going to dive back into TMBG which I believe will give me a strong foundation and help me with most of those things.

Now I will just need to discipline myself to pick up each day and do a little each day.

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  1. Roy's Avatar
    Terrific! Let me know how it goes!
  2. MusicLover's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Phillips01
    I'm upset with myself because I've wasted a years worth of potential lessons and learning and I could have been in a much different place right now. I could BE playing instead of relearning.

    So it's off to lesson number one, again. We'll see what happens.

    Good luck to us both.

    Thanks for the comment! I am there with you for sure! I might have been close to completing this course if I had kept going, but there is no use in looking back and beating yourself up for it. You can't change yesterday, but you can shape how today turns out. I started back with lesson one and reviewed that and practiced all the parts to get back to where I was at the end of lesson three. I am now working on the last song of lesson three and about to push into lesson four (which I haven't tried before). I think I am in a better place now to keep moving forward with the lessons. I am also picking up my bass everyday and practicing some aspect of one of the lessons, even if it is just running through a scale, so I develop the habit of moving forward.

    Here is to finishing the course (and becoming a better bass player in the process)! May your practice be fruitful.
  3. MusicLover's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Roy
    Terrific! Let me know how it goes!
    Thanks Roy! I am finishing up lesson three and headed to lesson four. I think that playing with the praise band has given me a context to apply the TMBG lessons and gives me another reason to complete the course. It is nice to have a way to apply what I am learning. Thanks again for making this great course!
  4. MusicLover's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by line6bassman
    Great to hear your in a worship Band!! Been doing that on a regular basic since 1980!! Cool!!

    Thank you so much!

    Wow, that is a long time! I bet you have a lot of fond memories over those years.

    I still feel pretty new at it considering the experience of some of the musicians that I am playing with, but I had read somewhere that the best thing to do to speed up your learning bass is to start playing with other musicians. Playing in a worship band can be a very forgiving place to start (from what I also read). Churches always need bass players (from what I was told). It has worked out for me so far.
  5. MusicLover's Avatar
    I decided to push into lesson 4 theory while I finish up with the fast version of the last song from lesson 3 (so I can keep learning more things while my fingers catch up the last song). I am looking to build momentum in working through this course. I also need to learn more things so I can be more effective in the worship band. I am using the weeks that I am not playing in the worship band to work on this course.