From a Higher Source!! Somebody’s Watching You?

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Note!! This was originally directed for a new member, but thought this would be helpful to those thinking of becoming part of any team in the future.

Once again, I welcome you to the Row also!! So glad to hear that you are part of a Worship Team at your Church!! Me being one that has been part of
One since the late 70’s until now, I will tell you the most or one of the most if not the most important point for you or anyone on a Worship Team in your Church or if you are a musician planning to be in a group or team activity in the future. For some reason some people just don’t seem to get it??
If I could describe in one word what would help most people succeed in a Worship team or group setting, without you being the best at what you do,
( although playing skillfully is very important ) The word would be, FAITHFULNESS!!! Are you FAITHFUL to the TEAM?? Are you one of the one’s
Who arrive for practice or the set early or on time mostly always?? Are then, are you the one who seems to always be LATE?? Nothing will destroy the spirit of the team more than a person who is always late!! So which one are you, and which one do you plan on being?? Nothing big here on line6bassmans part here, ( ACTUALLY IS A BIG PART OF IT NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT ) but I can tell you this, although I’m not the best on the team in what I do, I can tell you why they use me, it’s because I counted it a privilege to be FAITHFUL over the years to the team in no matter what capacity I’m used in on the team!!! This reminds me of a song my friend wrote which is another very important thing to remember about something going on within the team, and that would be, SOMEBODY’S WATCHING YOU??!! And believe me, SOMEBODY’S WATCHING YOU. To see if you are FAITHFUL to the team, remember the team leaders are more willing to work with you if they truly see you are FAITHFUL to the TEAM!! Even if you are not the greatest bass player in the world. At the end of this I will put up the song SOMEBODY’S WATCHING YOU by a friend of mine, ( ROE DIETRICH- USED BY PERMISSION ) although this is a Christian based song, it is a pretty cool song that most here will probably like. A little interesting note here, if Roy happen to read or listen to this, this is a song by Roe that you almost bought that 1950 Kay Upright from!! Final note which is directed to Gary real, you stated the leader of the group just gave you a song to play by just telling you the song was in the key of E. Don’t understand that, even in Nashville they give you a chart. If they are truly willing to work with you, ask the leader to give you something from the songs that will help you work them out in your spare time at home.
Well hope this helped for some in their pursuit to be in a Worship Team or group in one form or another?
And remember!! Will they find you FAITHFUL to the team?? And remember also, SOMEBODY’S WATCHING YOU??!!

03 - Somebody's Watching You.mp3 Remember to save to computer than listen too!!

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  1. Elmeaux's Avatar
    Nice song. Thanks!!