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A Step Forward

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I practiced for about two hours today and have started to notice some changes (progress) in my playing.

I'm starting to get a real sense of connection with the music. I'm not just playing notes or repeating patterns. I'm actually feeling "in control" of the basslines.

I think this is the result of gaining confidence in my knowledge of the fretboard. For example: knowing where an E is anywhere on the board. (pick a letter)

It gives me the freedom to improvise more and play without staring at the fretboard the entire song. I've been working on my "playing in the dark" thing again, which forces me to know where my fingers are placed.

I had "learned" all the notes and positions during early lessons, but there is always more to be learned during subsequential development, because that's when you're learning songs that will test what you've studied.

Heh heh...try ht elights out thing.

Shut off the lights and see how well you do your scales or play your songs and such in the dark. You'll feel like you're on lesson 1 again, but it will help with your fretboard confidence. The more you do this, the more you get better feeling your way - and therefore in hearing the notes (training the ear).

As well, my fingers are becoming stronger and much more flexible - they travel better across he fretboard when switching from string to string. I have pretty seriously stiff fingers, so this is good.

Lastly, I got hold of some songs that have very fast, pedaled notes - this is to practice my speed. How fast can I play and still keep my timing? Getting better at this too.

I'm also practicing for some new videos.

All in all, a good day.

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  1. crojas's Avatar
    Glad to hear biggest frustration right now is that I haven't gotten to a place where I feel I can create good bass lines. I feel like I'm just regergetating bass lines, rhythms, and notes instead of really creating and owning them. Gonna keep at it though and hopefully get to that point soon. Having a great time with my bass and TMBG.