Busy Signing Autographs

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As you may imagine, I'm having difficulty getting from point A to point B at the London Bass Guitar Show; being mobbed by hundreds of adoring fans - mostly prominent, "A"-list bass players. Everybody wants a piece of me. Can you blame 'em?

When last seen Ashley was in Harrod's - that was two days ago. Hasn't showed up at the show. No calls. Nothin'! I told boss not to give her the company credit card!

Speaking of Ed., I've seen him making a nuisance of himself - getting interviews with bassists and videos of lots of new toys. Also got a great video clinic with TM Stevens, very animated fellow; knowledgable and fun.
I'm off to find more ink for my pen.
Sir Ralph

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  1. Elmeaux's Avatar
    Most of the mobbing fans are just looking to start up a game of stick-ball.