For The Love Of It?

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OK my TMBG & TR bass mates, I've been thinking about something Roy V quoted
about after we did the NGW in New Orleans at Loyola College a few years back on the old Thunderrow site or it was on his blog can't remember exactly, but maybe if Roy see's this he could give us a little more on this? Wish I still had it but it has been awhile. So I'll do my best to get this right. I also guess what this is all about is a question. Or a GOAL SETTING BLOG??

OK, here's is what I remember him saying to the best that I can remember, that he was somewhat envious of students and those who play because of just their LOVE for playing the bass!! I can truly understand this, I have a MASTERS DEGREE in what I do. ( PLUMBING ) Do I enjoy it every time I go out and do IT?? 99% of the time NO. But sometimes I'm sure even for someone like Roy or musicians like him it can become a job and you sometimes have to wonder where the next job is coming because you have to make your living at it. And of course it's not quite the same as doing the work as a Plumber but sometimes I'm sure the principles can become the same at times.

Now even thou sometimes people will call upon me to do a gig other than my church gig, I can honestly say that for me at this time every time I pick up my bass it is not to be a big time rock star but it is because I do it FOR THE LOVE IT!! And 100% of the time that I pick up my bass I'm totally in LOVE!! Of course God family and friends come first for me, but you get the point I hope.
So for me personally, I do it FOR THE LOVE IT!!

OK gang, so what is your goal or goals in your bass playing studies and what do you hope to accomplish now and in the future with your bass? Once again as for me, I do it FOR THE LOVE OF IT!!

Thanks for reading this and best to all in no matter what your decide in your bass playing goals. But no matter what you decide on. both are pretty COOL HUH?


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  1. Skyryder's Avatar
    Like you, I have a day job, but as a Project Engineer. Fortunately, the job does have it's challenging and creative moments, especially when I have to design a system that has particularly unique requirements. But most times it's just WORK!

    I play for several reasons. One, as an escape from my otherwise mundane life. (Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my mundane life.) But I think the main reason I play is not only because I love music, but because of the social aspects. I'm very fortunate that all of my band mates are also close personal friends (and one is also my wife). Making music with my friends binds us in a way few other activities do. Even when we don't have a gig, there's seldom a back yard grill where the acoustic instruments don't come out. I'm taking this course for the sheer joy of learning and to be a better bassist and contributing member of the band.
  2. Bassix's Avatar
    GREAT question, line6bassman!

    Personally, I do it for the love of the instrument and music. I'm not actively looking for situations to play out or perusing ads to join a band. I do recognize that at some point I might get the urge to do those things in the future (and who knows when/if opportunity will knock one's door?), but if it doesn't happen, my enthusiasm for and interest in bass, specifically, or music in general will not wane.
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