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Thread: Important! Read BEFORE posting VIDEOS to Thunder Row

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    Default Important! Read BEFORE posting VIDEOS to Thunder Row

    Before you embed a video (like YouTube) to your post, there are a few things you should know.

    Due to copyright restrictions, we are unable to allow certain types of embedded video. Thunder Row has no control over this; we are simply following laws set down by International Copyright bodies and because video content providers like YouTube are now in the process of removing videos that are considered to be in violation of these laws.

    If YouTube finds your video content to be in violation, they may contact you to remove it. Should you fail to do so, they may arbitrarily remove it themselves. That means if you embed such content in a post on Thunder Row, it will end up as a dead-end click by the TR members who want to see it. The formation of these "rules" will ensure that our forums remain free of dead-end clicks.

    So what's allowed and what not?

    Here is a quick overview of possible situations:

    - You have recorded yourself playing the bassline of a copyrighted song (solo with no backing track): ALLOWED
    - You have recorded yourself playing the bassline of a copyrighted song together with the original playing in the background: NOT ALLOWED

    Currently, this policy does NOT include the embedding of concert videos, or homemade "garage band" performances by TR members in their basements or back yards, etc. providing there is no backing track of the original songs. Any other material will be evaluated on an individual basis when we see it.


    Thunder Row and Teach Me Bass Guitar encourage students to record their progress! The Learning Dock, LLC. (TLD), which is the publisher of Teach Me Bass Guitar, has granted all its students the rights to use the audio and video from the lesson material as backing tracks.


    - You have recorded yourself playing the bassline of a TMBG song (solo with no backing track): ALLOWED
    - You have recorded yourself playing the bassline together with the TMBG lessons playing in the background: ALLOWED

    If you don't know where to "host" your own music or video files you can check out the following :

    Music: SoundCloud (SoundCloud is considered to be the YouTube for music)

    Video: YouTube

    There is also a short list of various audio sharing services here - if you are looking for something else than SoundCloud:
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    Yea I have a question? What if it is you playing with music in the background but it is a private link to it and not public? I know I said this
    before but it seems Like YouTube's got it's A@$ backwards, What stupid sense does it make to take video's off with someone covering
    up a originals song and yet letting a original song or concert video stay on so you can copy it an convert it to make a mp 3 out of it and get
    the original for free!!!!! Seems pretty IGNORANT TO ME. Or did I miss something here and I'm the ignorant one here??????


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    Just embedded videos for now, and just from YouTube. We just don't want a lot of dead ends on the site. If YouTube takes something down, we get stuck with the dead space. I've been removing dead ends from videos that have been taken down. On the same note, I just had some copyright bans lifted from my own YouTube content, so I am no longer in violation. It's really just a matter of erring on the side of caution and, if need be, assessing each situation as it comes up.

    Bottom line? We don't want to endorse anything that might be considered illegal.

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