What a DEAL! 149.99

Welcome to all the tire kickers!

I was one myself. I saw positive reviews on the course, that wasn't enough. I saw how respected Roy Vogt is on TalkBass forum and within the industry, that was cool, but still not enough. I tried, and still use, another DVD course from the "infomercial / Billy Mays" type site...bought it because it cost less initially. A good course which offers a lot of add-ons, at a price. Ka-ching, ka-ching.

Roy's course differs in that we have Ralph, looping, a fretboard to follow, and our own private club and house band. Not to mention private forum support.

As well as one of the most highly credentialed and respected bass instructors/musicians on the PLANET.
It just works for me better than others, including the youtube guys. YMMV. And then there's the shoes

This is the time to act. You may have a week until the stooges get together and continue us down the path to heaven knows what. Then the price goes back up. Order up. Turn off the TV, pop in a TMBG disc, grab your bass and give yourself a break. You deserve it.

I am better than I was at bass, and improving and learning every time I practice. At my pace. In my home. Set a goal, keep a log, be honest with yourself. If you want it, and put in the time, you will succeed. I am an old guy. I am having fun. And improving.

Consider joining our community. I don't think you will be disappointed. It is a lot of fun. It is a lot of work, but it is self paced. Very well structured, and you can see your progress and post clips of your performances here for others to envy, admire and offer helpful advice. Many of us ask our peers if we are ready to move on to the next lesson after hearing our mp3's. So, in that way, there is the peer pressure to excel, just as if it were a large class on campus.

Whadda ya say? Bargain price for top notch instruction. Supportive community. Structured lessons. Ralph. 90 day test drive. I'm keeping mine, I already see what I can do better, and I will get better. I AM getting better.

Hope to welcome you to the community soon!


Finally got my act together and purchased TMBG for $187. That was a GREAT deal. 149.99 is NUTS.