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    Default Bandmix - gig alerts

    I thought this would be a good place to put this! So some of you know now I'm in one cool band best musicians I've ever
    played with!! Just thought this might be helpful to you guys how it come about getting in the band!
    I'll make this as short as possible and leave all the links etc here so you can check it out for yourself.
    Warning don't pay attention to old reviews when this site first came out this is my first hand experience and it worked for
    me. I was actually shocked to get a message from this guys to try out for the band!! Excited!! Just also got a message
    from a touring artist that just came to New Orleans to form a touring band wanting to know if I wanted to try out for some
    type of touring band!! What!! Wooo one step at a time. I'm sticking with my local guys for now!! But this site seems to work for people looking to start bands and and looking for all types of musicians! I just happen to see this site on a Facebook
    ad and like I said I got the message and made the call!! So if your interested in putting yourself in for a band when your ready this could be it!! Give it a shot if your interested and ready, it worked for me first hand!! There's a paid part of the site and a free part of the site, I'm on free and they leave numbers for you to call!! So here's the links that I know of,
    Best to your success in your search!!

    PS. I think this is the place for this instead of article because it might get lost in articles. But if it could be placed
    in both places it might be better. (Elmo)

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    This is a good spot for it, L6B. People can easily find it.

    - low life -


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