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Thread: Member Moderation Process

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    Default Member Moderation Process

    Welcome to Thunder Row! Thanks for signing up. Here's a little background on the Moderation process you've just been through.

    There are two steps to having your new username approved.

    Step one is an automated spam filter that will check your username, email, and IP address against the various online databases of known bots and spammers. If any piece of your info comes up on any of those lists, the automated system will immediately reject your username.

    If your info is NOT found on any of these filtering sites, your username is sent ahead to Moderation, where we then check with our own eyes. A human will evaluate you through several more filters. If it's all good to go, we will manually approve your membership. Being a purchaser of TMBG (and including your secret code in your username profile) will fast-track you through to human moderation.

    Though these processes may seem a bit severe to the average, non-spamming bass lover, they are used to ensure that our valued members and students enjoy a spam-free experience while visiting Thunder Row. It also explains why, when you create a username, it is not immediately approved. It can take up to 24 hours for us to complete the full round of "vetting" on usernames.

    Here's the catch. Sometimes, the automated spam filter will make a mistake and reject the username of a person who is NOT a spammer, before your name is ever seen by human eyes. This most often happens because your username matches someone else's that has been registered on the various spammer lists.

    Bottom line? If you (an honest, bass-lovin person) sign up for Thunder Row, and your username is rejected outright and on the spot, drop me a line saying you think the rejection was a mistake, and we will give you another shot at it. It might be as simple as choosing a different name.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding! Any other questions, you know where to find me!

    Thunder Row - a spam free community for the happy bassist!

    - low life -

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    I don't think the process is severe. I think it is fair and reasonable because it keeps us "honest, bass-lovin people" from having a spam-cluttered forum. Thanks!!!
    Always remember to enjoy where you're at on the way to where you're going!!!

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    What he said.


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