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Thread: PC & Teach Me Bass Guitar

  1. Default Thank you

    Thanks a lot guys - I appreciate the reponses.

    I have had some help from another pal who has suggested that I plug my bass into my amp and then plug the line out from my amp into the UCG-102 behringer usb interface that I could nver get to work properly. I'll try that at teh weekend.

    Oh and the email address thing was just a slip up - I actually work as an IT consultant it was just a a complete DOH moment!

    I would never do that normally.


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    I made the corrections to Chris' post. Lookin' out for ya, Brudder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisdenslow View Post
    I have had some help from another pal who has suggested that I plug my bass into my amp and then plug the line out from my amp into the UCG-102 behringer usb interface that I could never get to work properly. I'll try that at the weekend.
    Is that a balanced or unbalanced out on you amp ?
    Mine has 3 outputs.
    - Send
    - Return
    - Line out (unbalanced).

    When I put an FX pedal between the send and return I get unwanted noise
    The same happens when I connect the Line-Out directly to my Interface.
    I think this is a ground-loop problem which requires you to "lift" the ground so the distortion disappears

    so if you are having that you might need a DI that has ground lift. Problem is that a DI is fairly expensive if you only need it to remove the noise (maybe there are other ways to remove the noise that are cheaper).

    If you do get a DI (like the Pro48 I mentioned before) I would advise to connect your bass to the Input of the Pro48 and then connect the Out to your AMP and use an XLR (microphone) cable to connect the DI to your interface).

    In my personal opinion that works best.

    If possible you should test to see if it works for you, so if you can make a deal with the store that you can return it when it doesn't fit your needs and get a refund.

    I've got a "clean-box" lying around there that I got online and instead of eliminating the noise it actually introduced it ! (it took me days to figure out what the problem was).

    Good Luck and let us know how it turns out for you.
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    I'm new here - and not much recent activity so here I am responding to a years old question

    I do this a couple of different ways:
    My amp (a TC Electronic BG250) has an aux in (it's 1/8" - tiny so it helps to have adapter cables) and the amp has a headphone jack. So I can take the headphone out from my PC (or an mp3 player etc.) and connect to the AUX in on the amp and now the audio from the PC or mp3 player will come out of my amp along with my bass. And if I plug in the headphones to the amp, then I get both in the headphones and silence from the speaker.

    Another way I can do this - sometimes I want to record on my PC what I'm playing - so then I run the DI out from the amp (this is an XLR output meant to go to the PA system at a gig) into the Microphone input of my PC (I have an fancy audio interface with XLR mic inputs - but with the correct adapter cable you could connect this to the standard mic input of a PC). Then I get the sound of the bass being fed into the mic input (my amp lets me switch whether I want to bypass the tone controls or not with what gets sent) and I can use my DAW software to pull in the lesson backing track and then record my bass playing and I can listen using headphones connected to my PC in this case. (and I turn the master volume down on the amp (doesn't affect what's sent out of the DI)- that way the amp is silent in the room)

    Another way something like the Tascam or Zoom recorders that have instrument inputs. You can get a drum pattern to practice over or play and mp3 and mix the levels of your bass. My tascam unit even has amp models and effects for the instrument.

    So there are lots of ways to do what you are asking (or were asking several years ago - haha - maybe someone else will come along with the same question someday and read this)
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