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Thread: Lost GT10B patch site & sounds

  1. Default Lost GT10B patch site & sounds

    Once someone posted some GT10B patches -


    Well, the site is a 404 error now (moved or gone). He had a patch called "Jaco", was the best Jaco style fretless emulation I've ever heard. I have lost the patch (long story), cannot find a backup and haven't been able to replicate. Does anyone have that bank or that specific patch and would be willing to share?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I did a bit of Google searching, but couldn't find anything. If this is a personally created Jaco patch, it may not be available. My Zoom B3 has a patch called Jaco. I have no idea how I would "share" it with you. Also, it's something that came with the machine - not something I created myself.

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