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    Default hellow freinds

    just wanted to let every one know that i finished my radiation yesterday won,t know any thing for at least 30 or 40 days i have been very tired . hopefully now i can start to get stronger i was told by my DR,S that with out the radiation that i may only have 3 t0 6mounths left. so we are fighting as hard as we can but i know that is in GODS HANDS and no matter what the DR,S he will call me home when he is ready.i just wanted to let every one know that myself and my family would like to THANK Every one at the ROW and the LEARNING DOCK KNOW how much you mean to us.i look forward to getting back to my bass as soon as i am able.we will keep all of you informed with what is going on iwill get back on when ican best wishes and prayers to every one from donnie b Brenda and FAMILY
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    God Bless you Donnie. Like you said, God has the final say. Keep your faith and I'll be lifting you up in my prayers brother.

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    So very glad to hear from you my friend! Praying for some good results from this round of radiation.

    Hang in there, bassman!!!
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    My thoughts go out to you my friend. I hope you feel better soon. Good luck with everything.
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    Good luck Donnie, get some strength and get back to enjoying the bass!

    Prayers with you and your family

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    Hi Donnie

    Take your time with the bass. See to your family first, show them how you would like them to proceed. When everything is in order, that will take a load off of them and you also. Enjoy each other and make it all special. That goes for all of us, I guess.

    Best of luck, be an example.

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