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Thread: It's Official! Roy Vogt Signature Bass From Kiesel Guitars

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    Default It's Official! Roy Vogt Signature Bass From Kiesel Guitars

    Kiesel Guitars (formerly Carvin Guitars) has added a Roy Vogt Signature Bass to their lineup. This is the first Kiesel badged bass guitar from the Carvin Guitars Custom Shop and is based on the Carvin V69K Vanquish Bass. The Roy Vogt Signature Bass (model RV69K) is a 6-string bass with split pickups (P-type) in both the bridge and neck positions. As is usual with Kiesel/Carvin, there are a multitude of top woods, finishes, colors, and hardware options.

    Now, all I have to do is convince myself that I really, really need a 6-string. I mean, I've got a 4 and a trio of 5s. Seems like I should have a 6, right? Right?

    Anyway, congratulations, Roy. They couldn't have picked a more deserving person for the first signature Kiesel bass guitar.

    More Info Here:
    Bass Rx When Feeling Blue:
    I I I I IV IV I I V IV I I
    Repeat As Necessary.

    (Minor Variations Allowed)

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    She's a beaut! Quite an honour to have a bass named after you. One day, they'll name a Gretsch White Falcon after me.

    - low life -

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    Of course you need a six string, Dave! Doesn't everybody?

    Congrats to Roy!!!!
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