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Thread: A (semifinal) tribute to The Storm Troopers

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    Default A (semifinal) tribute to The Storm Troopers

    A (semifinal) tribute to The Storm Troopers

    OK, Gang I’ve been trying for days to do this here but sometimes you just don’t want to have to deal with the feelings all over again ??? I’m hoping I can be short and sweet here but we shall see?

    And now for the Tribute (I guess you can call it that?) and a real (true) story of the only two friends I’ve ever had in my life that I can remember that struggled with death trials (both cancer) but yet through it all they always seemed to forget about their own struggles and to encourage others that were in need of encouragement no matter how big or small!! That’s why I always called them my Storm Trooper friends!!


    Well we all or most of us around here know Storm Trooper No. 1, DONNIE B, if you don’t and this is your first time hearing of all this and wondering who is DONNIE B? Here is a link which should be all things and links covered in this tread to Storm Trooper DONNIE B.
    (Should be complete on everything DONNIE B did on TR.)

    PS. Now I know this might take a little longer than I thought to get all this in.

    That will be it on DONNIE B for a little bit here until later I’ll explain why DONNIE B and TR (ThunderRow) inspired what this Tribute is all about.


    Although Storm Trooper No. 2 is not an official part of TR just yet in spirit she actually is already as you will see later!!
    Let me tell you a little something about my Storm Trooper No.2, (Linda Glass Cullen) which I could actually claim her No.1 Storm Trooper because I knew her longer than DONNIE B and witness firsthand from beginning to end as she went through this cancer thing.
    You see Linda was part of my music team and my Pastors wife so this thing was really close and just like Donnie when people needed encouragement she forgot about herself and encouraged those who needed it, it was not even close to what she needed!! There really was no measurement for how much more she needed it!! Trust me on that.. Whenever there was a reason to text her etc. I always would leave her the ending which was, MY STORM TROOPER FRIEND!! One more thing about Linda which is my favorite of all between me and her and then I will try to bring to an end and the reason for this thread.
    You see Linda was known for a problem, (if you want to call it that?) (And I know we all have our little nic-nac’s, right?)
    You see she was known for arriving late LOL, Heee!! Heee!! Now I have something I can laugh about!!
    But here’s the great part and the best for me, whenever I would ask her to fill in on the Keyboards, (that’s what she played) you know what? She was NEVER LATE!! SHE WAS ALWAYS EARLY!! JUST FOR ME!!


    So in trying to conclude this, here’s my inspiration in all this and in the spirit of giving because of my Two Storm Trooper friends giving much of themselves when they should have been receiving, which by the way I truly believe both of these Storm Troopers friends in the end did receive
    MUCH MUCH MORE THAN THEY GAVE!! Think about it..

    So here’s the real inspiration in why I did what I did
    That you're about to see and please don’t even think that I wrote any of this that it would have something to do with me it’s all because of what I call friends so I move on from that.
    Here’s to Donnie B and something he said and why I gave this to who I did.
    AS you all have heard by now L6BM Came to see me and we had a blast playing bass all day .He helped me in so many ways with my playing. IT WAS VERY COOL We played VAN MORRISON brown eyed girl. and messed with other stuff on the bass he really helped with my triads.HE made me want to work even harder on my bass a true FRIEND and Mentor. AND A GREAT EXAMPLE of how the people of thunder are. Wednesday was one of the funnest days i have had in a long time .thank you L6BM.and all of my friends on Thunder Row.thank you donnie b here are some pics

    This short part in sentence from DONNIE (he really helped with my triads) is why I gave this to her because I was also teaching Linda’s daughter (Rondalyn) the same thing so it all worked like I believe it should have!!

    I’m sure most of you know that in the spirit of TR Donnie was welcomed into the Row with a free copy of TMBG
    So In the spirit of my two Storm Trooper friends and Donnie B I really felt I was supposed to do the same!!!
    So in the spirit of them and all here on Thunder Row let’s hopefully welcome Rondalyn to TR & TMBG real soon!! She actually this week was burying her mom. So hopefully she can come say hello here soon!! I told her I would send her the link to this when I finish this tribute to Donnie and her Mom. So give her time, she's a little shy also..


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    Let's hope she studies hard!!

    - low life -


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