Hey any of my Gospel, Contemporary Christian Music etc friends!! Just touching early bass with ya on this one!! Touching
bass get it? TOUCHING BASS? OK, enough of that foolishness. Here's what it's all about I'm pumped and getting pumped and excited on this if the good Lord says the same if you know what I mean? It's looks like the biggest thing for me yet and should be a lot of fun!! A couple of my friends who are a Gospel singing group called BROTHERS FOREVER are trying to get together musician from around the US as they travel the country for a live band (people they know) for this Gospel Cruise.
I will be working with them to put all the music together for the musicians that will be picked for this 4 or 5 nights of concerts aboard the ship!! But the best part of this for me is, IT LOOKS LIKE i'M THE BASS PLAYER!!! Lots of learning there songs to be done but should be a lot of fun!! So to anyone who thinks they may be interested in going on a cruise like this I will be posting more info as I get it. What I do know so far is that is a Cruise to The Bahamas leaving out of Miami. So that's it for now on this and here is a taste of the group I should be playing with when the time come. Till then Be Blessed!!