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    Default Article: GrooveTech String Cutters

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    I have a set of tools fron Cruz Tools which all work well and make set up a breeze.
    For the cyclists out there, I also found that bicycle cable cutters (mine are from Park Tools) work awesom for trimming bass strings.


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    Ok, that video is absurd. The guy, at one point, is trying to cut diagonally across the string with the needlenose pliers. Needlenose pliers are not really designed to cut. It is a very secondary function of that tool. Those "Groove Tech String Cutters" are just side cutters, and you can get a more appropriate pair at any hardware store for less than Cruztools is charging for those. by more appropriate, I mean a pair that is not spring loaded to keep the jaws open. The jaws being kept in the open position by a spring will only cause them to snag on whatever you try to store them the pocket on your gig bag for example, and just take up more space when not in use. If you want to require less force when cutting, just get side cutters with longer grips. It's all about leverage.

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    I've got the same orange set of cutters that he's using (the needle-nose and side cutters) but those are not made to cut strings.

    They come from a set that's used for electronics they are not even intended to cut electrical wires (I'm talking for sockets and lights).

    I've got a planet waves Bass Winder with integrated cutter, now it's not fancy or anything but it works incase you don't have side cutters with you.

    I don't know the price for the Cruz Tools pliers but at school we always used Knipex pliers (expensive but high quality) which are ideal I guess for people who do this for a job as the guy in the video says.

    On the other hand, like Brian I've also got a set of Cruz Tools for guitar/Bass setup and I'm very happy with it, for me the advantage is that it has both metric and imperial allan wrenches (my Fenders need imperial ones) I just don't understand how your rulers work (for action setup) ;-)

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    Imperial? Is that what you guys call our goofy American system? That is funny, but sadly appropriate I suppose. We prefer the acronym SAE, which stands for Standard American Equivalent. I remember when I was in grade school, oh so loooong ago, the teachers claimed we had to learn the metric system because the USA would soon adopt it. The teachers seem to have been a bit premature on that assertion. As far as our rulers go, we don't understand them either. This is likely due to the fact that every time they open their mouths, nothing but ridiculous nonsense comes out. Take Obama for example........

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    I have never yet, ever had to cut a B string through the whole wrapped portion of the string. The end that need trimming generally has no wrap, or a silk wrap only.

    Why would you attempt to cut through the meat of the string? Sorry, that set of needlenose pliers is way too short to cut anything but, fine electronics wire.

    I use a set of side cutters that trim any string I've encountered, including the enormous B on my NXT5 upright, with never a hesitation.


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