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Thread: Bass Debates - Read Me

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    Default Bass Debates - Read Me

    We're trying something new at Thunder Row. This will be a Public Forum where ALL of us who love the bass can weigh in on questions we will post. TMBG Members and Registered Users will have the same permissions as always, and your posts will go straight to the board as usual.

    Visitors/Guests will be able to post here as well, but all your posts will go into MODERATION first, to prevent abuse, spam, and other assorted unwelcome activity. Any spam or foul-mouthed submissions will be deleted before they hit the board. Should we miss something, it will be deleted immediately upon discovery.

    Here's how it works for Unregistered Users/Guests. Pick the thread to which you would like to reply. It'll take you to the page that says you must log in before posting. Ignore that and go to the REPLY window below. Just type in a name by which you'd like to be known and then your reply. It'll bring up a message saying your post will be moderated before going to the board. I'll be checking in a few times a day to validate your posts (or not, if you're not adhereing to the rules).

    New Threads will be added as the debates grow. Have a suggestion for a Thread? Members can make their own. Unregistered? Drop me an email: elmeaux@thelearningdock.com

    Hoping this turns out to be a welcome addition to the Row!

    P.S. All of the previously existing threads in these topics have been moved from the main forum page into the Bass Debates Forum, so Guests/Visitors can post. Your posts will be moderated here, too.
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