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    I recently started having some carpal tunnelish pain in the wrist of my fretting hand. In my research on what to do about that I came across some effective hand exercising devices I thought I would share with the TR family.

    I was turned on to Theraputty by a fellow Bass Arena forum user who had suffered a nerve injury that weakened one of his hands. I was especially interested in this one due to a similar nerve injury I have been working to overcome for several years now. This stuff comes in various consistencies/densities to fit the individuals needs. I bought the "blue" formula, and let me tell you, it wears my hand out in under five minutes of vigorous "kneading". It is probably best to have at least 2 different densities of this stuff. Then when you tire your hand with the denser stuff, you can fully exhaust your hand by working the less dense stuff. This method of tiring your muscles with a hard workout followed by a lighter workout to fully exhaust the muscle is the fastest way I know of to develop strong muscles.

    The other hand exerciser I use, I have been using for a bit longer and does indeed work, but is less flexible in the ways you can use it. On the other hand, it should last forever, has adjustable tension, and you can just leave it lying around for easy grabbing and using.

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    I've had the VariGrip for a few years. Very effective. What's funny about it is that I don't really pay attention to how much strength it actually builds until I give it to someone else to try and find they can't even press two buttons at the same time. I can press a 1-2-3-4 single sequence in either direction, or a 1-3 pair, or a 2-4 pair, or 1-4, or 1-2, or 3-4...

    The point is that I can do singles on any button, combined pairs, etc. You don't realise how good you've gotten until you watch a beginner try it. I would recommend the VariGrip very highly.

    I haven't tried the putty one at all. Hmm... Maybe something new to add!

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    Thanks Elmeaux! I've been interested in the VariGrip for a while, but wasn't sure if there was any real benefit. Does it reduce fatigue from playing long sets or increase dexterity? I could use all of the help I can get!


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