Thought I'd put this one here although it's not Tabs its the bass notes and some Time frame directions if you would like to
learn the song? But had a lot of fun figuring out the bass notes and removing the bass and adding me in the video playing the bass part!! (Note..I'm playing bass in it but not seen). Hope someone gets something out of this?!! Man this one song is a little fast I think, I would of liked this song a little slower I believe but it is what it is...

Bass notes for song are at the bottom the best way I could put it. By the way, Does anyone know where I can learn how to
instead of putting the bass notes down like here to be able to put it in tab and written form in PDF format like real sheet music but in simple form? Thanks

PS. This is what you call a some what private video showing so please don't share it, It's for here only.
Also I like doing songs that for the most part no one else has done on YouTube and this is one of them!! I think one band has done this on YouTube I think??


Rock This House B.B. King Bass Line Notes

(G,G,Bb,D,Bb,G) (C,E,G,A,Bb,A,G,E) (G,B,D,E,G,E,D,B)
0-----------------------------------------------------------------GG 2nd X
(A,B,C,C# - D,C,B,A) (G,B,D,E – GG,F,DD,B) 2X (G.B,D,E,G,E,D,B)
(C,E,G,A,BbA,G,E) (G,B,D,E,G,E,D,B) (A,B,C,C#, - D,C,B,A)
(G,B,D,E – GG,F,DD,B) 2X (G,B,D,E – G,F,D,B – GG,B,D,E,(G,F,E,D)
(C,E,G,A,Bb,A,G,E) (GG,B,D,E,G,E,B, - AA,B,CC,C#, - D,C,B,A) –
(G,B,D,E – GG,F,D,B) 4X (G,A,Bb,B) 2X (C,D,Eb,E) 2X (G,A,Bb,B)
(B,A) (B,C,C#,D,C,B,A,G) (GG,B,DD,E,GG,F,DD) (Bb~~~B)
B.B (Singing part of song)
2X (G,B,D,E,G,E,D,B) (C,E,G,A,Bb,A,G,E) (G,B,D,E,G,E,D,B)
Long link-in women
(A,B,CC,C#,DD,C,BB-A) (G,B,D,E,G,F,D,B) 2X (G,B,D,E,G,E,D,B)
(C,E,G,A,A#,A,G,E) (G,B,D,E,G,E,D,B) (A,B,C,C#,D,C,B,A,-)
We’re going to rock
(G,B,D,E,GG,F,DD,B) 4X (G,A,Bb,B) 2X (C,D,Eb,E) 2X (G,A,Bb,B)
(A,B,C,C#,D,C,B,A) (G,B,D,E,G,F,D,B) (G,B,D,E,GG,E,D,B)
(G,B,D,E,G,-F,E,D) (C,E,G,A,A#,A,G,E) <--(G,F,E,Eb,D,C,B,A)
You can set up a table
(A,B,C,C#,D,C,B,A) (G,B,D,E,GG,F,D,B) 2X (G,B,DD,E,G,E,D,B)
(C,E,G,A,A#,A,G,E) (G,B,D,E,G,E,D,B) (A,B,C,C#,D,C,B,A)
4X (G,A,Bb,B) 2X (C,D,Eb,E) 2X (G,A,Bb,B) (A,B,C,C#,D,C,B,A)
(G,A,Bb,B)----(G,C,C#,D) 4X (G,A,Bb,B) 2X (C,D,Eb,E)
2X (G,A,Bb,B) (A,B,C,C#,D,C,B,A)
? (G,D,F,D,G,F,D,G,F,D,G)~~~~~~~~~~G Note. The End is Questionable, I did my own thing?

PS. Note.. The Time and Seconds are not lining up where I actually put them but I think you can get the idea just move the
times to the left slightly the ones that seem far right...