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    I have never played one, and most likely never will. I have two Carvin Basses that I love so this is just to satisfy my curiosity.

    The Rickenbacker 4003 I looked at on the Guitar Center Website are the more expensive elite price-wise end of the spectrum.

    Is there that much benefit to them? I bought my Brian Bromberg model Carvin and specified almost down to the slightest detail and I don't think I paid much more for the Carvin new compared to a used Rick.

    Any opinions?

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    Unfortunately I can't realily help you there. Nicki is/was a great Rick fan, and Kimgee has a lot of experience evaluating used basses. Hopefully one of them will answer.

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    Sorry. I've never played a Ric either.

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    They are great BUT...big but. The 4003 ergonomically they tend to dig into your side (at least on mine), the edges are not contoured so for me they are not that comfortable. The big pickup cover is sometimes in the way. Also there is no thumb rest but you can get one from zero-modes that works great and cost little. On the plus side, they just sound great, cuts through the mix and sound like a Ric. Nothing sounds like a Ric except maybe another Ric.

    The compromise (for me) was the 4003S (it has rounded edges, and dot inlays instead of the shark fin). Sounds great, put the zero mod on it and it is one that will be with me for the duration. Love it.

    But as was stated earlier, they are expensive...

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