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    I'm a long time musician and have always been drawn to the bass as being the most interesting part of music. So I finally decided to buy a bass and learn it.

    I started out (long ago) by renting a sax and a flute and learning, by ear, all the songs on the Traffic album John Barleycorn Must Die - and then learning all the songs on BB King albums and Cream albums etc. Which lead me to a sort of strange place where I learned to play sax by listening to Eric Clapton and BB King play guitar -- and what makes that strange is that now I'm older and talk to guitar players they tell me that all those guitar players learned their style by listening to sax players.

    So I've been teaching myself bass by listening to and copying all the old songs that I like so much. I found that I could learn a lot by figuring out the bassline and finding all the different places on the neck it is possible to play the line - and it usually became really obvious where the most natural position was for that particular line. But I was finding I had lots of questions about things like when it's better to stay in one position and do a lot of 4 fret reaches and when it makes more sense to shift back and forth so they are 3 fret reaches instead. I generally practice any pattern/scale/arpeggio I learn in as many different positions, and shifts, as I can think of - I figure it's good to have different methods in my arsenal.

    I decided to buy TMBG and get a better understanding of the bass - so here I am. I'm a little disappointed that it seems so deserted here in the forum ... but here's my introductory post anyway. I'm hearing a Pink Floyd song in my head as I write this "hello...hello ...hello ... is there anybody in there"
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