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    Ok, the timing on this is kind of weird. I think it is 4/4 then 7/4 then 4/4. Anyway, I struggled with it a bit.

    Here you go:

    LW Gold Standard 5
    Carvin - Icon5, BB75, PB5
    Fender - American Special Precision, Fender Pbass (DiMarzio Ultra P pickups, Warmoth Jazz neck), American PJ
    Musican Stingray
    Alembic Spoiler
    Ibanez Musician
    Ibanez RB924
    Rickenbacker 4003s
    Spector Euro 4 LX
    Power by Carvin B1000 through Hartke Hydryve 112x2 (MarkBass Nano for practice/small gigs)

    Somebody turn up the Bass!


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    May 2010
    Alberta, Canada


    Nice! Does sound a bit tricky.

    PF! one of my favs
    Steinberger NXT5 EUB, MTD 535 Fretless, Tobias Killer B6, 72 Fender Precision
    Eden WT500, WTX1000N & WP100, QSC PL230
    Eden D410XLT, D410XST, 215, Fender Bassman 10

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